Beat the Burnout, Now - Corporate Pack

Quick, powerful mind hacks with music to be stress-free & more productive at work

Are you feeling constantly stressed out, exhausted and drained at work?Are you losing focus and productivity? Are you struggling with work-life balance?Looking for a way to just breathe, clear your mind and relax, so that you can bring your best self to work?

Then, this program is perfect for you! It is quick & easy to use and is created with the powerful Conscious Music Code technique. 

The musical mind-hacks are designed to instantly help you release stress, negative thoughts & emotions. Even on a busy day, just plug in a pair of earphones for 5-6mins, enjoy the music and step in a calm & positive state of mind immediately. 

Go on fun, engaging and immersive musical journeys to emerge feeling awesome!


  1. Be stress-free and release negative emotions

  2. Have more focus & concentration

  3. Get more done in less time

  4. Have a positive mindset

  5. Build positive daily habits

  6. Feel energised even after a long day

  7. Feel happy, here & now (without waiting)


Guided Musical Journeys

Experiential, immersive, multi-sensory, musical journeys, to create relaxed inner state & rewire negative responses


Musical reminders to create to increase focus, have a positive mindset & build daily habits. Listen to them anytime, anywhere

Reflections – journaling

Daily reflections/journaling while listening to a soundtrack, to connect with yourself and have a clear plan of action for the day.