Create Your New You, Now

Transformational musical journeys to break out of the past & unlock the new-best-version of yourself

Create your New You, Now

Are you feeling stuck in a loop of old patterns? You want to be your best version, but find that life gets in your way? Do you have dreams that you always wanted to pursue, but gave up midway? Well, you’ve stumbled upon a fascinating new (musical) way to dig into your subconscious and rewire yourself from the inside out to create the life you want.

Create your New You, Now is a unique step-by-step program we designed for you to do just this, with the power of music.

Unless we renew ourselves, we cannot renew our lives. So are you willing to go on an immersive musical journey of self renewal, personal growth and transformation to unlock your best version, here and now?

create new you now

What is in the Program?

A refreshing and unique experience of self-renewal to unleash your best self and realize your dreams.

3 Guided Musical Journeys

Experiential, immersive, multisensory, musical journeys, to engage and empower you to recode your inner most thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

10 daily rituals

Musically triggered personal growth exercises that engage the body, mind and the 5 senses to form powerful, positive ‘sticky’ habits.

8 Conscious soundtracks

Musical reminders and sound triggers to support you daily rituals. They can be used for passive listening anytime, anywhere.

Detailed Workbook & Weekly Calendar

A highly detailed and consciously curated booklet with self-reflective questions, journaling prompts, daily rituals and a weekly calendar

Use our 3-step Experiential Formula

  • Explore

    Use our immersive musical journeys to bypass the conscious mind and explore the hidden inner realm of emotions, thoughts and beliefs

  • Transform

    Engage in music-driven, body and mind-based, multi-sensory simulation methods to create an inner shift, replacing self-limitations with empowering beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

  • Integrate

    The musical daily rituals help you to generate powerful habits to sustain the inner shifts.

What’s more?

No matter how fast, chaotic or mundane your life may seem, this kit is designed to be fully integrated into your daily life. All you need is a pair of ear-phones to begin your journey.

create new you now